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  • Recombinant Novel Coronavirus Vaccine(CHO Cell)

    The recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine developed by Zhifei Longcom, t was prepared by the purified receptor binding region (NCP-RBD) of novel coronavirus glycoprotein S expressed by recombinant CHO cells, and added with aluminum hydroxide adjuvant. Whi

  • Tetravalent recombinant norovirus vaccine (Pichia pastoris)

    The company is developing a tetravalent recombinant norovirus vaccine using the Pichia pastoris expression system, where the system is used to establish the VLP recombinant engineered bacteria for expressing norovirus epidemic strains, which are then cult

  • Influenza Virus Split Vaccine

    The influenza virus split vaccine developed by Zhifei Longcom is made by inoculating chicken embryos with WHO-recommended influenza virus strains, and is prepared by culture, inactivation and purification. It has low protein, low egg albumin residue and l

  • Recombinant Tuberculosis Vaccine

    The recombinant tuberculosis vaccine (AEC/BCO2) developed by Zhifei Longcom is composed of recombinant mycobacterium tuberculosis protein expressed in E. coli and novel biological adjuvant system developed by the company and is produced after purification