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Quality Management


Combined with domestic and foreign GMP, continue to improve, establish a solid, scientific, systematic QA system;Ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products, and to ensure a quality in accordance with laws and customer requirements; Make continuous efforts to build a first-class domestic, world advanced level modern biopharmaceutical enterprise

  Abiding by the corporate values of "quality first", follow the requirements of pharmaceutical production quality management regulations, combined with the company organizational structure and product structure, we establish a comprehensive quality management system, the system covers the drug research, development design, technology transfer, commercial production, quality control, product release, storage, shipment, after-sales service throughout the product life cycle, all operations are traceable, ensure healthy operation of the company quality management system.

  On the basis of quality risk management principle, the company integrates the management measures such as process control, continuous improvement, change control, deviation management, corrective and preventive system, PDCA and other management methods into the product quality management process, so as to ensure the continuous and effective operation of the quality management system and ensure that the product quality is under continuous control.

  The company has established a drug-traceable system, which is access to the National Drug-traceable Coordination Platform, so that the whole process of drug production, circulation and administration can be traced.